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Alright, a question for you guys--What would you like to see me produce more of? 

8 deviants said More of Hunter and Thief, the Comic. No distractions--keep it coming!
3 deviants said Other Hunter and Thief artwork--character portraits, extra scenes, seasonal fun, etc.
3 deviants said Other fandom art (Harry Potter, ATLA, Dragon Age, etc.)
1 deviant said Overwatch
1 deviant said Original work
1 deviant said ALL OF THE THINGS.
No deviants said Canonical Star Wars fanart




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Hello, and welcome to my new account!

I'm currently in the making of a fan comic of the Star Wars universe. Hunter and Thief is set in the gritty, less talked-about parts of the galaxy--from Coruscant's Undercity, to seedy worlds of the Outer Rim--and follows bounty hunter Jayce and his companion Esli as they journey across these worlds.

I aim to upload one page per weekday, so keep an eye out for updates as the story progresses. :)

In addition to the comic, I'll be uploading other art from the Star Wars universe, as well as from other fandoms (Overwatch, Harry Potter, Dragon Age, and the likes)--and original art of my own.

I hope you enjoy the works I produce--See you around!



Tiefling Rogue: Malikus
Huzzah, power's back!  I'm finishing up Hunter and Thief's most recent page, but until then, here's a piece I've been waiting to upload since forever!

Introducing Malikus, my personal character from our local DnD 5E campaign.  He's a rogue from a shady port city, with a over-compensating, tough-guy nature and an insatiable greed for anything that might give him the upper edge.  Chaotic Neutral, he's mostly in everything for himself (much to our Paladin's wary dismay), but he's known to do the right thing every now and then...though, usually to impress a pretty girl. 

Hope you enjoy this piece!  I'll surely be doing more like this in the future. :) 
So we had a massive windstorm yesterday, which knocked the power out, and the electric company is saying they have no idea what happened, or when we'll get power back (but they know it won't be for a few days, huzzah!). Sorry for the Hunter and Thief page tease, but it seems like I won't be able to work on the comic until at least next week.

On the bright side, the temperature is going to be plummeting! [insert sarcasm here]

/Salute/ See you guys on the other side.
Hunter and Thief, page 47
"Bounty hunter Jayce enlists the aid of Esli, a mischievous thief from Coruscant's Undercity, to recover a stolen item from his recovery mission."


Back in action, baby! Sorry to keep you guys waiting. c:

Here we find Jayce letting the squib know his boundaries, and Esli enacting a small bit of revenge--but hey, at least there's a practical purpose, too.

Page 47 (finally!) of a Star Wars fancomic. Enjoy!

 ✣----First Page----✣---- Previous Page----✣

Hunter and Thief Sketchdump
Hello, there! At long last, I'm back on my creative feet, and actually have time to pull together some work for you fair folk.  I'm really quite sorry for being gone so long, life's thrown some curveballs, and I've had to take some time to address them.  But hey, I'm back in commission, and ready to draw some sweet ass--I mean--AHEM--action.

So, here we have some images from various scenes throughout Hunter and Thief's plot, some from the past, many from the future.  I'm really very excited to be producing work again, the break has been killing me.  Hope you guys enjoy viewing this piece as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

Jayce and Esli are protagonists of the webcomic, Hunter and Thief.   If you're new to the story, check it out here!

Soo, a few things to discuss.  One--super apologies for not posting anything in the last week.  I have an upcoming con with a crazy costume planned, so con-rush madness has taken over life.  I'm hoping to get a couple pages of Hunter and Thief out soon, but things will probably be slow for the next two weeks.   Sorryyy!

Two--So, DnD has gotten pretty.....involved lately.  And I may or may not have sketched out some NSFW character pieces with what free time I have.  I'd love to post these here, but...I'm not sure how strict DA is about explicit... ...ah... intimate scenes.  So if I post some of these pieces, do you guys know if there might be some repercussions? Thanks for the help!


No journal entries yet.


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Of course~! I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)
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I know, so sorry about the wait.  But fear not, I have returned! :D
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HI their do you do requests
Drakarra Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hello! :)  I do take commissions--you're free to send me a note regarding the matter if you'd like.
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I may have to hold on

Until I make a commish
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Heh, well I've been enjoying your comic a great real so I hope some of my stuff can deliver half as much pleasure.
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